Mission and vision that matters

We help our customer meet their needs and exceed their expectation and is committed to the development of technology for the Thai people.

Our missions

  1. To encourage research and development in order to enlarge the business for variousproducts and services.
  2. To restructure business plans underlying marketing dynamics and anticipations of organization’s stakeholders.
  3. To fulfill the capacities of human resources on research and development, innovations, designs, explorations, manufacture, sales and marketing and distribution channels.
  4. To establish and maintain the customer satisfaction on our products and after sales services.
  5. To protect the interests of shareholders, customers, business partners, employees,social communities, environment and public sectors

Our Product Vision

Forth Corporation Public Company Limited is the telecommunication and electronic business organisation that endeavours to provide excellent products and fully integrated services to align with the principle of corporate governance for sustainable development and corporate social responsibilities.

Message from the CEO

Pongchai Amatanon

CEO of Forth

Although the Thai economy in 2017 will grow slightly but it still fluctuated. There are still restrictions on the operation of some businesses of the Group. However, considering the overall business operation of the Company, it can still maintain steady result. The Company's core revenue comes from top-up kiosk business or Boonterm business as in the past year.

In 2018, the Company will operate the business strategies as follows:

The Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) business has stable growth trend, so the Company will concentrate on developing the production process and cost management to be more effective in order to enhance the competitive advantages.

The telecommunication and related technology businesses, the main revenue will stem from bidding projects for the government sector and state enterprise, which was relatively in recession in the previous year. The Company has initiated and developed innovative products as well as focus on solving various problems along with generating profits and most business opportunities which are expected to grow in 2018.

Online service top-up business for retail customers has constant growing trend, as can be seen from the record-breaking profits for numerous quarters consecutively of Forth Smart Service Public Company Limited (“FSMART”), which the Company holds 45.75% of its registered share capital. The goal in the year 2018 will focus on kiosk location with the average revenue per unit (ARPU) management. The Company will also set up the goal to expand Boonterm kiosk, improve service quality continuously and create new platforms in response to technological change by launching electronic wallet application called “BeWallet” which customers will be able to use a variety of services through their smartphones.

Throughout 29 years, the Company has continued to strive for success by a team of Thai engineers with expertise in product design, research and development by creating new technologies and innovations to keep up with and respond to the changing world of today and tomorrow. We also offer a full range of services to our customers and take into account cost control for maximum efficiency to enhance the company's revenue and profit potential.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, I would like to present my thanks to you all for the trust in the management team who will consistently maintain the corporate governance with the corporate social responsibility and will lead the Company to steady growth and sustainability.

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