LED Lighting

FORTH’s lighting system solutions not only provide high-quality light, they also cut power costs significantly and are eco-friendly.


Lighting System

FORTH has decades of experience in electronic and LED technology.

That is the reason FORTH can come up with lighting system solutions that are suitable for a wide array of projects, including housing estates, office buildings, condominiums, hospitals, schools, malls, factories, and street lightings. FORTH specializes in lighting design and lighting system installation both indoors and outdoors.

Product highlight 



A lamp that combines design and materials with efficiency. It has become a feature-rich, quality product that lets you transform your beauty and self-contained function with colorful lamp frames and lens patterns. to adjust the direction of light as needed.

MR16 (ECO Series)


MR16 LED energy-saving lamps are stylish and stylish. For general indoor use, it is available in Natural White and Warm White.

Street Light

It is an LED type of street lighting to replace the old lamps that use HID (High Intensity Discharged Lamp) lamps. LED technology can save 50-70% of energy, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

High Bay (ECO-Star Series)


Energy-saving lamps from FORTH, beautiful shape, combined with LED technology that provides a lot of brightness. Up to 70% more energy efficient than incandescent high bays.

Our product are trusted by Thailand government 

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